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Liliana De Miguel

Spanish and  English demo

Meet Liliana De Miguel
Nobody can bring you the Spanish-English bilingual chops like your go-to Seniorita of choice.


She's a "double threat" talent in the mushrooming market of Spanish and English materials. She's 100% bilingual, a certified translator... she's a published textbook author, English professor in two of Mexico City's most prestigious universities, and finally host of her own Spanish radio program on the Internet. Based in Mexico City, she is a world-traveler with a trained ear for accents and flair for recognizing cultural nuances.  Liliana's fluent and meaningful interpretation of your project will be spot on -- in both Spanish and English.  Bravo!

Say What?


"The greater part of our happiness or our misery depends upon our dispositions, and not
upon our circumstances."  ~ Martha Washington



Good News!


No need to chase down a newsroom person to get the perfect translation or read for bilingual work.


Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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