Randi Carter

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Randi Carter

What's a young, sophisticated, tuned-in female sound like? Just like Randi. She knows marketing from all sides and doesn't ever hold back to make sure you get the sound, the pace and the emotion you want. Yeah, that's her to a 'T".



Say What?



Lisa doesn't read the words I send her she actually brings them to life.  I always have a way I want the copy to be read and somehow Lisa gets into my head, dusts off the cobwebs of course, and pulls out exactly the emotion the copy needs. Those little, well placed moments - a chuckle, a breath, a beat - that make the spots come alive is why Lisa is one of the best out there. Clients can't get enough of her.  She's one of the most in-demand voices we use.




" Consider the fact that God closed that door because he knew you were worth
  so much more"


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